Tim Vine, Ventriloquist!

"Gordon Bryan" "Tim Vine"My last post was about Margaret Thatcher, but in this post I switch from politics to entertainment…

That previous post was a discussion post, where basically I give a topic and ask for views. There are lots of views around Margaret Thatcher, and I even got some heat for posting a discussion about it – people sent me messages saying I shouldn’t be posting about politics.

Hmm…that’s another article right there, but for today I thought I’d switch.

Tim Vine is a British comedian who specialises in one liners. Puns. Most of the time very sily ones.

It’s actually not easy to pull off, because the audience won’t take long to wonder why they have paid to watch someone tell christmas cracker jokes, and it’s the way he does it that allows him to get away with it.

He knows his act is silly. The audience knows it. The whole point of his act is simply to make people laugh.

That may sound obvious, but what I mean is that he doesn’t use a message to get the laughs, nor does he use foul language. It’s old school entertainment, and that’s one of the reasons it works.

This really is my kind of act, and whereas you get tribute bands doing music of one band, I almost wish I could set up a Tim Vine tribute act, and go out doing his material!

Apparently that’s not the done thing in comedy, but if my 5 minute routine about public toilets doesn’t take off, I might yet try the tribute act!

Here’s a video of Tim Vine doing ventriloquism. You can see links to more of his stand up at the end.

Let me know if it makes you giggle!

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    • Hi Sabrina,
      it’s the kind of piece which can bring laughter despite repeated viewings – great for a quick pick me up!

  • You’re right. There’s nothing like old school classic comedy to get a chuckle! Did you also know that today is International Moment of Laughter Day? If not, then your post is a happy moment of serendipity! Thanks for the Sunday morning laugh!

    • I didn’t Deb, until I saw your post – serendipity indeed! We’ve both shared some giggles today then!

  • I love physical comedy! He is hilarious! Lots of videos showing up in blog posts today! As far as political posts, it’s your blog, your voice- post what you want to! Have a wonderful week!

    • Hi M,
      Yes, this month I’ve tried to put in some posts which are less ‘structured articles’ and more, well, blog posts, if that makes sense!
      This video does make me giggle!

  • ‘Its best to watch his mouth’…Goodness, he had me in stitches! I’ve never heard of him but it did put a smile on my face. That sort of comedy is a dying art, indeed. As for today being International Moment of Laughter Day : serendipity, indeed!

    • it does make me laugh, and bears repeated viewing, which is a sign of good comedy.
      Ah, the smoothness of serendipity!

    • oh to be able to get an audience to laugh like that – certainly my kind of comedy!
      Glad it got some giggling going over the other side of the pond,