NFL Moment Of The Week – The Superbowl

So, it’s time for the last NFL moment of the week, and it was a drab, blow out game…

Er, not really – it was The Superbowl!

I saw someone say that this year’s game was the biggest tv audience for a single event ever. Not sure how these stats are worked out, but there is no doubt it’s a massive event in the world of sport. Massive.

It looked like it was going to be a good, but brutal game between two to sides, and it turned out it was!

"Idina Menzel"
My attention was drawn before the game by Idina Menzel singing the national anthem. I love musical theatre, so I’m a fan of hers, but she does have a reputationof not giving her best performances on big live tv events.

I wasn’t entirely taken by her performance, but she just about got away with it.

"Jeremy Lane"
Then in the game, early in the first quarter Jeremy Lane from Seattle made a great play by intercepting what could have been a New England touchdown. Unfortunately as he was running the ball back, he got injured.
TV normally shows replays of injuries, but they didn’t this time, which was unusual.

Having see the above photo in the press afterwards, I can see why – the hand is not supposed to look like that – I’m thinking ‘ouch’

"Katy Perry"
The halftime show is always overhyped in the build up to the game – I’m not a fan of Katy Perry’s, but during the week she had been saying her intention was to not take it too seriously, to try and get people to smile.

I decided I woudl watch with that attitude, and guess what, I found myself smiling! Fair play to her.

Right at the end of the game, it looked all over for New England, with Seattle camped on the goal line, with one of the best rushers in the game on their team.

However, they chose to throw, and there was another interception, giving the game and the Superbowl to New England.

Many people call it the worst play call they have ever seen in the history of the game. That’s a bit extreme, and had it come off then coach Carroll would be called a genius. Since it didn’t come off though, he is in the firing line.

You don’t suddenly become a bad coach – he took Seattle to a Superbowl win last season with the same attitude, and nearly did it this year, so he’s not a bad coach. As for Bill Belichick and Tom Brady? Well, that’s their 4th win in 6 Superbowls, which means we are watching one of the best combinations to have taken part, and we get to watch them right now!

It’s fun!
It’s been another fun season, I hope you enjoyed my weekly moments, I enjoyed picking them, and I enjoyed my first live NFL game in London this season – roll on next season!

‘Til next time,
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