The Great Gordino Newsletter – Feb 10th 2015

I hope all is well with you.

Various things caught my eye this week, but all apart from one were things I have written about before…

That in itself brings up a point well worth revisiting, in the blogging/internet marketing spheres.

If you write a lot of content, if you base it around current events, then your content will have 2 things automatically going for it –

Firstly, it will be current! That means if you slap the content all over the web, social network sites, etc, then it has a good chance of being read as people will be interested in current events.

Secondly, even though it’s current when you write it, it can be current *again* a long time later! That may sound odd, but stay with me on this one! As time goes by, and I’m talking about a minimum of 6 months, probably a year plus, then the subjects you wrote about before will come round again, and that means you can link to the article you originally wrote.

This gives you more bang for your writing buck, and also helps to establish in the mind of visitors that you are around to stay.

I’ve had many examples of this recently –

Idina Menzel singing at the Superbowl let me link to an article about her singing ‘Let It Go’
‘If You Believe This Goal Achievement Myth – Let It Go!’

I’ve enjoyed watching a show on TV called The Jump again this year, allowing me to link to an article about ski jumper Eddie Edwards:
‘Goal Achievement – Fly Like The Eagle!’

Drummer Chris Slade stood in for ACDC at The Grammys on Sunday, allowing me to link to an article about a previous ACDC drummer, from Oct 2013
‘Goal Achievement – The Right Place At The Wright Time!’

Jump Jockey Tony McCoy announced his retirement after reaching 200 winners for the 10th season, and coming up to his 20th year as champion jockey. That allowed me to link to an article I wrote when he reached the 4000 winner mark, back in Nov 2013:
‘Goal Achievement – 4,000 Times?’

tony and gaga
Watching the video of ACDC at The Grammys, I saw Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett in the crowd as the camera panned. That allowed me to link to an article about her from Aug 2011!
‘Goal Achievement – Does Lady Gaga Have Sweaty Armpits?’

So you can see I’ve been able to get more exposure for articles going back as far as 3 years old, while still providing valuable relevant content to readers – it’s a double whammy of blogging goodness!

"Matt Monro"
I did say there was one item that I hadn’t written about. Singer Matt Monro died 30 years ago this week. I remember when I bought that bowl, thinking “yes ok, the bloke could sing, but he must have been dead nearly 30 years, why name a bowl after him?”
Then I looked closer and realised that it said Matt MONO…

Ok, that’s it for today, let me know what you think – I love the feedback!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & Happiness,
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  • Such a great tip! I have done this numerous times, it is great to bring new life to older posts. It really is the flip of a mental switch of thinking “how can I tie this into an older piece I have created.” When I started thinking in this new mindset it helped tremendously. Really great blogging tip and so valuable. Anything to make bloggers’ lives a little easier.

    • Thanks Jeannine!
      With the examples I’ve had recently, it’s not been hard to think of ways of revisiting old articles, because the subjects are the same (or near enough).
      That also shows the value of writing about things you enjoy, because you are likely to cover that ground again.
      That’s my view anyway, I know a lot of people don’t agree with the ‘follow your passion’ model!

  • Hi Gordon,

    Did you see today’s webinar with Dean and Louis? It was so intense, yet right on board. Totally Awesome my friend and it was just what I needed to hear.

    Tremendous Post, you were right on point. I needed to hear your message about putting in the work, taking action and work harder!

    It’s so cool when I need to do something, it comes to me from others, like the webinar and your post. Thank you for that.

    You have a wonderful rest of the week!


    • Thanks Linda!
      No I didn’t see the webinar – is that ipro? If so, I’m not a member, do you think I should?
      I agree with you that sometimes you come across some content that rings a bell with you, I’m glad it was mine!

      In fact my next product is all to do with getting people to take action!

  • Haha…this is funny! The bowl..
    Related links. One thing I notice of late is that there are getting more posts n articles putting conscious efforts in linking ‘related posts’ in their current posts. It is very useful n great strategy to get more views to past writeups. I did do that in some posts and strongly believe the more articles u write, the more links u can relate to because chances r good thet are connected one way or another.

    • Hi Sandy,
      yes, related posts is always a good idea, because it helps direct viewers to other content they would enjoy, and it also helps sites like google increase the perceived value of your blog if visitors stay for longer.
      I have a plug in on my blog which shows other posts – I’m not sure if I’ll keep it – partly because the articles it shows are not always related, and it also links to content which is not mine, so I have no control over it. I need to have a think about whether to keep it!
      Thanks as ever for stopping by,