Passion Profits – Why Would Anyone Listen To You?

In this article, I’m taking a look at a question which so many people ask when it comes to turning their passion into profit, and it’s a question which can kill potential stone dead. The question is this…

Why on earth would anyone listen to you?

Of course, I’m talking about when we ask that question to *ourselves* and in that situation the question is “why would anyone listen to me*?”

It’s a question we ask silently to ourselves, but it really is a silent assassin of a question – a killer of our own potential.

I have written for many years, that anyone can achieve amazing things in their life by following certain techniques and ideas, and that the rise of the internet makes this infinitely easier.

The internet allows anyone to build an online income from their passion, but often when I tell people this (and I tell a lot of people!), the first reaction I get is ‘oh, I wouldn’t know where to start, and anyway, why would anyone listen to me?’

I understand that reaction, but I also understand that it’s a mindset issues that can actually be overcome fairly simply, by combining a few questions with looking at some basics of internet marketing.

So, if you’ve found yourself held back because you can’t believe anyone would listen to you, then let’s dive in..!

Those questions I mentioned could be summed up as what do you love doing, and what do you know about that passion? What have you learnt how to do, that others don’t know how to? What experiences have you had that gave you knowledge that would be helpful to others who have that first experience ahead of them?

Once you’ve answered those questions (there are a couple more to come later!), then you can move on to some basics of internet marketing…

People spend money online for various reasons, but there are 3 main ones –
They want a product.
They want a service.
They want information.

Think about when you’ve spent money online. Was it for a product, a service, or information? I bet it was, and you can provide one of these: information.

It might sound intimidating to put together an information product and then sell it online, but in fact it can be done really quickly, easily, and pretty much for free as well!

Now, you might be thinking ‘oh that’s all well and good Gordon, but I ask again, why would anyone listen to me?

Ok, I get it. If there are information products already out there to do with your subject, maybe from a large number of well known experts, then no-one if going to ever buy from little old you that no-one has ever heard of, right?”


The reason that people will listen to, and buy from you, is, well, YOU!
I did say there were a couple more questions to come, and these tie the whole thing together…

What are your personal stories to do with your subject?
What has gone right, to bring you huge passion and enjoyment?
What has gone wrong, that brought you huge frustration and disappointment?

It’s these answers that will get people listening to you, and buying from you.
It’s the personal story that makes all the difference.

If there are well known experts in the field, that’s great because it shows that there is a healthy demand for information in the first place, and although anyone can buy the products from these big experts, they probably won’t be able to get a real connection with them.

There’ll be a distance between the experts and the buyers. This is not the case with you – you can provide the connection, the reality. That connection with a real person is the advantage you had.

If someone in your field of interest has a problem, they’d prefer an answer from a ‘real’ person. If they can see an enjoyment gained by a ‘real’ person, they are much more likely to want to find out how to get it for themselves.

This is why online forums are so popular, and groups on Facebook for example, because it gives that personal connection.

If you package up that personal connection from yourself correctly, you can monetise it. How about taking that example of Facebook groups for a start! A great way to start for free, and turn your passion into profits.

This is not wishy washy dreamy theory, it’s real facts in the real world.

So, let’s not hear any more that ‘no-one would want to listen to you’ – if you know something that has interest to others in your field, they most certainly *do* want to listen to you!

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