Photography – Bluebells In Bredhurst, April 2017

"Bluebells", "Gordon Bryan",
Written by gordino

Having long smiled at other people’s pictures of blankets of bluebells every year, I kept meaning to try to take some myself.

The first 2 years I tried, I left it too late in the season, so didn’t really get what I wanted.
This year I didn’t hang about – as soon as I saw some pics from other people, I got myself sorted, and was off to Bredhurst woods to see what I could get.

I’ve got lots of other posts from Bredhurst Woods, and other sets of bluebells pics, but this is a small selection of my trip on April 18th 2017. Click for full size.

Bluebells in Bredhurst Woods, Kent, April 2017

"Bluebells", "Gordon Bryan",

"Gordon Bryan", "Bluebells",

"Bredhurst", "Gordon Bryan",

Hope you like them, do let me know what you think!

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