The Great Gordino Newsletter – Another Year Older!

I hope all is well with you.

Last week I gave my brother some stick as he hit 50. Well, this week it’s my turn – not to hit 50, Christ no, but as July 3rd ticks around, which it does every year, my clock ticks another notch higher, got to 46 now!

I had a great day of it, taking it nice and easy…

– I made myself some home made chocolate liqueurs with lashings of both, er, chocolate and liqueur!
Great Gordino chocolate liqueur

– I lounged around with cups of tea watching some women’s tennis at Wimbledon on the TV.

– Then I popped down to the seaside and had a stroll watching the sunset.
Great Gordino birthday sunset stroll
Pretty good if you ask me, and lots to be grateful for there. It was a simple day, but it can be too easy to dismiss simple pleasures as not good enough, and that just leads to frustration.

An appreciation of what we already have available too us can really raise our levels of contentment, and it’s something I’ve written about for many many years.

“Where’s the link to your book?” I hear you ask.

Oh, ok then, here it is:
‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’ on Kindle

We are a coupe of days into the 2nd half of the year now, so that’s always a good time to stop and take stock.

Where did you want the year to take you when it started back on, yep, Jan 1st? Did you make resolutions with no intention of keeping them, or did you make actual plans?

Did you take action on those plans, or did you expect them to happen by themselves?
Were you directing things, or was circumstance directing you?

If you didn’t make plans, didn’t take action, well you still half the year left! (ok, just *under* half!)

Take the decision that you will make a plan, and take that action- you will be amazed at just where it might lead you!

You may have been following my plans this year, with a failed audition putting a spanner in the works. Since then I have got my book up on Kindle, created an audio training product, and am just finishing up a short romance novel for Kindle.

I am also about to book up for another performance related training course.
That’s the kind of thing I want to happen in this next part of the year, and it’s down to me to take the action.

So, as I sign off to go and finish my chocolate, although I do accept that could be true any day of the year, not just my birthday, I’ll ask you to think about appreciating what you already have, and making plans coupled with action if you want different things for the rest of the year.

Health & Happiness,
P.S. Just $2.99 at the moment for ‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’ on Kindle!

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  • Belated Happy Birthday to you. Sounds like you had a lovely day, those chocolate liqueurs sound delicious! As someone also in my 40’s you reminded me about a 50 before 50 list I wrote a few months ago and then forgot about. Nothing amazing like white water rafting or anything, just 50 things to do before age 50 like learn to play the keyboard, do a firewalk or give up sugar for a month. As half the year has gone already you’ve motivated me to get going with it.

    Good luck with your Kindle books. I will buy one soon when I have spare time to read, I’m sure it’ll be excellent.

    • Thanks Christy, I’ve got a lot done in the last few weeks. My latest kindle book is available free this week, so hop over and grab it. Go to amamzon and search ‘Lighting The Flame’ by G.Gordino! Get going on your 50 before 50!