The Great Gordino Newsletter – Business Bashing on Britain’s Got Talent!

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I’ve written about Britain’s Got Talent a good few times before, and probably will do again. That’s because it’s an entertainment show, with actual variety acts rather than *just* singers or dancers, and it also gives great goal achievement lessons. The last audition show in the 2012 series threw up just the kind of lesson I mean…

In one of the auditions, a girl called Chelsea Redfern walked onto the stage looking and sounding a bit nervous. She began singing ‘Purple Rain’ and then a big powerful voice appeared. Still shaking at the end, she got a yes from all 4 judges, and all seemed good, with the editing suggesting she would be in the live semi finals.

After the last auditions, the show moves to the stage of picking which acts will go through to the live shows. Here’s where the lesson comes in…

Chelsea didn’t get through, and there wasn’t much airtime of her either. That prompted me to wonder why.

I’ve written before that the one thing I don’t enjoy about the show is that they deliberately put through bad acts to the live shows. That’s down to the format of the show with the buzzers. The judges *have* to have some acts they can buzz for being bad.

It would be a more genuine show if all the acts were good, but that’s not the way that show works, and it has to be taken into account.

When I researched Redfern, it turns out she had previously been on The X Factor, and had gone out at a similar stage. I suspect that may be part of her Britain’s Got Talent exit. If she had got through, then publicity would have built up about her being a predecided favourite due to her X Factor appearance, that Simon wanted her to win.

Or, it’s possible that Simon Cowell has already signed her to a contract. Or, there could be a number of other reasons that prevented her being on the live shows.

So there are 2 possible lessons here…

The first one is simply if she was just not picked, with much worse acts being selected ahead of her as I mentioned earlier. If that’s the case, then the lesson is that sometimes decisions are made outside your control which can have a big impact on your goals.

In this case it’s the business of putting on the show, which is still a massive TV success, with that continued success coming ahead of the contestants.

The second is if there are one of the other reasons at work preventing her from appearing. If that’s the case, then the lesson is about not taking what you see at face value without considering other possibilities.

While I’m at it, here’s another lesson – the girl is putting in some effort and action! That’s 2 talent shows she has been on now, impressing a lot of people in the industry and getting her name out and about. Would it be a surprise to see her with a record contract? No, and then guess what she’ll be doing – more hard work, one of the most neglected elements of goal achievement!

Something else that tickled my fancy this week was Star Wars Day. What’s that, you might ask, well it’s May the 4th – as in ‘May the 4th be with you’. That always makes me smile, and has really started to take hold now, with the day being a chance to celebrate the film.

I remember watching the first film when it first came out, but blimey that makes me feel old!

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P.S. Do I write about lessons like this in my book ‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days?’ Yep – I do!

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