NFL Moment of the Week – Week 5

"Tom Brady"The NFL is obsessed with statistics, that can’t be denied. All through each game on tv, they wheel out the stats, and some of them are so obscure they mean nothing.
An example would be after a tackle, a caption comes up saying that player is the first player aged 23 to make 5 tackles in each quarter for the first 3 games of the season while going on to lose the match…

Not exactly a statistic or a record to make the headlines is it!
However, for my week 5 moment, I’m going to the stats, because 2 players hit landmarks this week, and they are the 2 headline players of the generation, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

"Peyton Manning"
The debate has raged for many years about who is the better, although pretty much everyone agrees they are both right at the top in the entire history of the game.
Brady has won 3 Superbowls, while Manning only has 1, but Manning has the records and consistently better stats over the years.

My view? For what it’s worth, I’d go for Brady. In the clutch situations, Manning has shown a tendency to crack, whereas Brady hasn’t.

This week, Tom Brady threw a pass that took him over 50,000 yards for his career – it’s only a very small list of players that he joins.
Peyton Manning threw for his 500th touchdown, only Brett Favre has thrown more, and his final record of 508 will fall to Manning pretty shortly.

Both impressive stats, and both impressive players, and well worthy of being in anyone’s moment of the week!

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  • I love both of these, and have enjoyed both play in Super Bowls. Being in the UK I don’t get to see many of the games (they’re on in the early hours of the morning for us) but I did use to watch them in university. The stats for both are great, and they should be proud of their careers.

    • I agree! I record the live Sunday night game to watch, and am looking forward to going to the London game Oct 26th!
      Two stellar careers there for sure! 😉

  • Don’t you just love those stats?

    Broadcasters get so excited over the most menial things!

    Not sure I agree that consistency puts one player ahead of the other. Sure, it’s great if a player is a consistent high performer and scorer but sometimes the flashy player adds much more to the game just because of their unpredictability.

    • They do seem to go over the top with many of the stats, but every now and again some come up that actually mean something!
      The book seems to say that history will say Manning was better. Of course they are both still playing, and if Manning wins another ring, that takes away the ‘win’ argument from Brady, but for me Brady seems more of a clutch player. Plus, I like how he came from low down expectations of him. The debate will go on!
      Cheers, Gordon

  • I’ve never got into the NFL. I’ve often thought about it, but I don’t think I have the right mind for it.

    I have friends who adore it, and I’d like to join their club and have more things to talk to them about, so what can I do to ‘get’ NFL?

    • The two complaints I hear in the UK all the time, from soccer fans in particular, are that it’s too American, and too slow with the stop/starts.
      Not much can be done about the ‘too American’ bit(!), but as for the stop/start, for me that’s part of it. It makes the tactics critical, which is why it can be compared to chess, but the moves are played out by massive men who show amazing athleticism combined with brute force.
      I have tried showing people selections of great plays, but I suspect the only way of really trying to get into it is to watch a few full regular season games, to see if the tactical side appeals 😉