"Gordon Bryan" With the death of Maraget Thatcher this week, I was wondering how I would tackle the subject on the blog. I knew I wouldn’t simply let it pass without me writing about it, and have been mulling over my approach.

Then this morning the answer came to me. I saw a post from another blog which had a community post ‘discussion’ threads.

That means you raise a subject in a post, just as I’m doing here, and then ask people for their views.

In the course of the comments, I’ll be leaving mine too, so go ahead, give it a go!
Leave your comments below about Margaret Thatcher. Positive or negative that doesn’t matter, but please, ifyou feel like posting with foul language, I will edit the comment (not delete), and post that I have edited it.

My view is that if you feel the need for foul language when writing, you just need to find other words!

Ok, Margaret Thatcher…discuss!

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