Why The Pope Chose The Wrong Name!

"Gordon Bryan" "The Great Gordino"Spring 2013, I think the new Pope missed an opportunity when he chose his name.
He was the first Pope in a long time to pick a new name, and he went with Francis.

I think he should have gone with Bob…

You know that expression when there is little chance of something happening?
“You’ve got two hopes – no hope and Bob Hope”

Well, since the previous Pope is still alive because he retired rather died, you could have said “You’ve got two Popes – ex Pope and Bob Pope”

I wonder if it’s too late for him to change his mind?

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    • Hi Carlana,
      I decided that for this UBC I would experiment with some shorter posts, just to see what happens!
      Thanks for stopping by,

  • Excellent! I really enjoyed that! When my son was very little, just learning to talk, if you asked him his name (it’s Oliver) he would say ‘Bob’. I think he liked the sound of it.

    • I might just start answering that myself when people ask my name! It would make a change from my other favourite “what the hell has that got to do with you?”

    • Hi MelAnn,
      When I hit 40 I toyed with the idea of changing my name by deed poll. Surprisingly cheap and easy. My brother talked me out of it, and he was (probably) right, but that’s a whole new post!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  • I once thought that if I wanted to start a lunchtime restaurant, I would name if “I Don’t Know-You Decide” for all the office workers who will go out to lunch together and then take 20 minutes deciding where to go. So, not that this has anything to do with naming a Pope but – Pope Bob would have quickly become “Pope Bobby” and then “Pope Billy-Bob”. I don’t think “Bob” ever would have worked. Now, as long as we don’t think of Francis the Talking Mule, Francis might just work. (And seriously, I did like the choice of names.)