$101,000 Goal Update – Jan 30th 2012

As we creep towards the end of January, I’m turning my focus to my first audition, on Feb 29th.

I’ve been speaking to someone who went to the same college, and although I’d love to do an opening monologue from panto, she doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

It says in the material they sent me, that they want to see engagement with the environment of the piece, and a use of the stage and character. The panto tours I’ve done mean I can show all that to good effect, which seems the point of the audition to me.

However, my friend says that the college views panto as joke acting or play acting…WHAT!

Panto is a really traditional form of play – it allows great interaction with an audience, many of whom (the kids) are seeing live theatre for the first time.

It also allows for some glorious adlibbing, and is probably the most solid branch of the industry when it comes to providing work.

So to dismiss it seems extremely snobbish to me, and my gut reaction would be to do it anyway. My friend is trying to get more info from one of the tutors, so I’ll wait to hear from that.

If I went with the panto, for the Shakespeare I’d be tempted with Shylock from ‘The Merchant of Venice’.
If I don’t do panto, for the contemporary piece I quite fancy something from Mel Brooks’ ‘The Producers’. That would mean that both pieces were Jewish characters, which although it shouldn’t be a problem, might raise questions about lack of variety.

Maybe then I could go for ‘Romeo & Juliet’ to pick the Shakespeare piece.

Ho hum, decisions, decisions!

As for the $101,000 to support the goal, I am thinking of creating mp3s to produce content as opposed to pdfs. I’ve seen one marketer do this with great success, and I think the format appeals to me – just as quick and easy to create as pdfs, if not more so, and it really does allow personalisation of the material, something different than the flood of ebooks.

I also want to revisit my idea of personal 1 to 1 training on how to write articles. If you can write articles, you can use them in so many ways – it’s something I can do and have learned to tweak over the years, so if I price the individual tuition properly, I should be able to get a good amount of clients.

By the way, for my marketing friends reading this, that personal tuition I just mentioned has an affiliate programme for it!
That’s about it for this week – in the decision making process about which pieces to do for the first audition.

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
P.S. You can see the ideas and techniques I am using for this goal, and exampls of how I’ve used them before in my book ‘Transform Your Life in 21 Days!’
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  • I think it may be worthwhile you taking a look at the Malvolio monologue in Twelfth Night, I suspect it would be fairly suitable for your style. It served me well in my distant youth!


    Mark Botham

    • Thanks Mark – I will check that out! I really want to do a panto scene, but am getting advice against it. I will also check out Shylock and Romeo & Juliet. Phew it’s a lot of decision for 2 x 90 seconds, maybe I am overthinking it. Cheers, Gordon