The Great Gordino Newsletter – Dec 2nd 2014

I hope all is well with you.

"Arthur the dog"
I’m starting this week with a shaggy dog story.
A Swedish team were taking part in the Adventure World Racing Championship, when they stopped to take a breather before a 20 mile section through Ecuadorian rainforest, part of the 430 mile race.

One of them noticed a stray dog, and since he looked hungry he tossed him a meatball.
When they started off, the dog tagged along and would not leave them. When the team tried to leave him behind for a dangerous kayaking section, the dog jumped in the water and swam alongside.

Whether knee deep in mud or clambering up hills, wherever the team went, the dog went. The team called him Arthur, and got so attached that after the race they took him back to Sweden.

Team member Mikael Lindnord said he went there for a world championship and came back with a friend. Now, that’s a story to warm the heart – hopefully this link will work to the story in a paper with some more lovely pics.

Black Friday has well and truly landed in Britain following the big sales it generates in the US. Despite us not even celebrating Thanksgiving, the push for sales is something the shops could not ignore, and something else that has come over with it, is the chaos in the shops. Mass brawls over Tvs? Since when was everyone so short of tv sets that you need you need to have a bundle in a shop with a stranger?

"Gordon Bryan"
I got myself a new external hard drive this week, as the 250GB one I use for backing up data is filling up. I got a tiny light thing, very cheap, and with 1TB of storage! Well, only 930 GB as it happens, because 70GB is taken up with the software to run it.

In that case they should have built it with 1070GB storage in the first place! I want my missing 70GB!

"Star Wars Episode VII"
Last week I was writing about Battlestar Galactica and how I was around to enjoy it in the aftermath of Star Wars. Well, the first trailer has been released for Star Wars VII The Force Awakens.

It’s always going to be difficult for any film in the franchise. It will always come in for criticism, blimey let’s face it the 3 prequels came in for some right old stick.
Some people will say this new one will be too modern, too effects laden. Others will say it’s not modern enough, not enough effects.

Some will say brining back the original cast was a mistake, others will say it was needed to save the project. I already know what I’ll be saying, which is that I’ll be enjoying it!

Will it have the impact of the original? No, because that movie raised the bar in lots of ways, plus I was only 11 at the time. I’ll be enjoying seeing where the story goes, and the whole hooha around it – lovely!

Ok, that’s it for this week – do let me know what you think!

‘Til Next Time,
Health & happiness,
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  • I know your hard drive pain! Such a jip! But I’m massively against Black Friday. If you need something, fair enough, why not make the most of a sudden discount, but just to go out and hope to get something cheap (that you don’t need) is just stupid.

    The Star Wars trailer was better than expected. Let’s hope it’s good. I really liked Battlestar. It was more like a submarine film than Sci-Fi, or so I found.

    • I agree about Black Friday – the amount of people in interviews saying they were just there to see what was available. That’s poor shopping.
      I’m looking forward to Star Wars. I had never thought of Battlestar Galactica as a submarine film, but I can see what you mean.
      Did they have as much lip gloss in the submarine movies though? 😉

  • I look forward to the new Star Wars movie with great trepidation as I didn’t like the prequels at all. If they follow the same lines as those movies, I will not enjoy it as much. If they go back to the way they started the series, I would love love love it but I know they would never do that. That is the sad part. So I will pay my money, invest my time, and hope for the best. That’s all I can do.

    • I can relate to that view Jim.
      I think it’s part of the problem though – the original set the bar so high it’s almost impossible to get there again, even for its own franchise! Movie viewers are so much more demanding nowadays, all the CGI stuff has arrived. I’ll be enjoying where the story goes, and the nostalgia for the original cast will help. I’ll be smiling even if I’m disappointed, if that makes sense! 😉