The Great Gordino Newsletter – Oct 7th 2014

"green routemaster bus"Hi,
I hope all is well with you as we crack into October.

Something I forgot to mention last week was the 60th anniversary of an icon.
An icon certainly for London, and for Great Britain in general – the routemaster bus was first unveiled to the public at an exhibition 60 years ago. Ah, I remember hopping on and off the platform at the back, climbing up the spiral staircase to the top. There were also green ones, and I’m sure I used to go on green ones in my youth. Of course health & safety had something to say about these buses in the end!

"Star Wars"
That was a long long time ago, seemingly in a galaxy far far away, and it seems that long since 2 young pups made another icon – Star Wars. The original cast are currently back together making Star Wars VII, and Mark Hammill and Carrie Fisher were pictured at a charity bash recently. I remember watching the original film as much as the route master buses! No doubt the film will have its’ critics when it comes out, but I for one am looking forward to it.

Something else that has come a long way is the computer – although sometimes it doesn’t always go as planned. The beginning of October sees a switch in the UK from a paper car tax disc in the window to an all computer version. Somewhat unsurprisingly, the website crashed on the first day, seemingly unable to cope with demand. Get Han Solo in to whack it with something, that’ll sort it!

I haven’t covered sport yet, so time to put that right, with two stories…

Norway have pulled out of the bidding process for the 2022 winter Olympics, citing the excessive demands of the IOC members. If memory serves, Norway was one of the countries originally opposed to the Winter Olympics in the first place, so if any country was going to draw the line, it would likely be Norway. The IOC have blamed the media for ‘misreporting.’ Well, they would, wouldn’t they?

The act of diving to try and fool the ref, or ‘simulation’ as it’s called, was always seen as the preserve of football, whereas in rugby you would only go down if you were actually hurt, and *couldn’t* get up. Any diving was frowned upon. That might be about to change. A full on punch in the face in a recent game brought no punishment, because the punchee was deemed to not be hurt.

That implies that had he appeared hurt, it would have drawn punishment, a sin bin time out off the field, etc.
So the player that got punched in the face but stayed on his feet, would now be better served by going down, like the footballers who go down at the slightest whiff of anyone anywhere near them. This is not progress, come on officialdom! Grr.

"Steven Benjamin"
Ok, I’ll finish off with a photo I saw in the papers, and I saw it in lots of papers, because it’s pretty spectacular. This humpback whale was caught on camera off South Africa by guide Steven Benjamin. No-one’s quite sure why the humpback whale does this, and you can’t exactly ask it, but wow, what a sight that must have been in person if looking at the photo is enough to make you look twice!

That’s it for this week, let me know your thoughts!
‘Til Next Time,
health & happiness,
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