NFL Moment Of The Week – Week 7

"Peyton Manning"I did say last week that I already had a good idea what my moment of the week for this week would be, and so it turned out…

Peyton Manning.

In the game against San Francisco on Sunday night he threw 4 touchdown passes, but it was the third which was THE moment. It was his 509th TD pass, breaking Brett Favre’s record of 508.

No quarterback has ever thrown more TDs. I’ve said before that many of the stats in the sport are meaningless, and can be ignored almost as soon as they’re shown. Not this one though, and the hype has been building all week.

The question was whether the Denver Broncos would be planning their game around it. Although they denied it, they were, because any team with Peyton Manning at QB will plan every game around him throwing nearly 3 TDs each game.

That’s because the offences are built around him, and since you plan each game with the aim of winning it, of course they were planning for him to throw the 3 he needed to break the record. As it happens, he threw 4 before the game was out.

The fact that it was the big live Sunday night game didn’t harm things either!

The debate will rage as to whether he’s the best ever, but there is no doubt he is at that top level in anyone’s book.

After a stellar career at Indianapolis, they basically dumped him when he had to have 4 neck surgeries and missed a whole season. To the surprise of many he signed with Denver, and has basically carried on where he left before!

It is impressive to watch him play. I think it can be a bit, dare I say it, boring, but it’s impressive.

After the game, Manning thanked all the coaches and players that have helped him to the record, with his usual impeccable politeness. Thank them he should too, because even the record breaking TD needed a catch of fine athleticism from Thomas, catching the ball on the edge of the endzone and making sure his toes dragged the ground to make the score count.

It might be churlish to say that Peyton needs a second Superbowl ring to totally cement his place at the top table, but this landmark record is set to stay for a long time, and who’s to argue with it! It’s a career highlight, so certainly worthy of a moment of the week!

OK, that’s it for this week – let me know what you think!

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  • Peyton is my man. He has been my favorite ever since he was drafted out of Tennessee State back in 1998. (I have several of his rookie cards.)

    When he joined the Colts, I became a Colts fan. When he became a Bronco, I reluctantly became a Bronco fan. (Not a fan of orange.)

    I agree that he needs to win another Super Bowl but not to cement his position in the Hall of Fame, that is already a given. He needs it to satisfy himself. To know that he was great is to achieve that elusive win.

    Although he is a lock to be in the Hall of Fame, without that second ring, he will feel that he’s not in the same company as those that have won multiple Super Bowls and, thus, not as good.

    I tend to agree.

    • In the Brady/Manning debate I’ve always been a Brady man. I’m massively impressed by what Peyton’s done, but just feel that in the clutch moments, Brady has come through, while Manning hasn’t. Having said that, that’s an opinion from someone with zero superbowl rings, and when I tried joining a local NFL team here in the UK, wanting to try kicking, I ended up throwing up after the warm up, much to the amusement of eveyone else!
      I would like to see him get that second ring, because it would basically shut all the naysayers down for good I think.

  • Hi, honestly I cannot relate. I am not a fan of this sport but the whole idea for this NFL Moment of the Week meme is interesting. I could use that in my blog. 🙂

    • It’s funny,
      As I came up with the idea of the Moment of the Week, it worked from the off, because it provides content for a post every week – let’s face it, there will *always* be at least one moment worthy of note.
      I also use the idea for musical posts, and it allows for people who are interested to use the search function and stay on your blog while they read the other posts,
      cheers, Gordon

  • Not much of a sports fan but by reading your post, it is very impressive what Peyton has done considering that he had some injuries and surgeries, he still comes up as one of the top players. I like that you mentioned that he shows gratitude to his coaches and the players. I think that having a heart of gratitude takes one to a higher level in life.

    • Hi Siphosith,
      Yes, his attitude is superb, it always has been. He’s a classic sporting role model for young people to look up to,

  • Still not much clue about this sport but few words stood out for me. Thought would like to share with you. LOL

    “boring, but it’s impressive..” — just wonder how do they co-relate. Not impossible, of course. Only wondering ;p

    “Impeccable politeness” — that’s very nice! Only Politeness is not enough, got to be impeccable!!

    “4 neck surgeries” — wow! high risk game!! Only for highly passionate people!

    • – He’s very serious in the way he plays, and functional. Other players on other teams in his position might have more flare and excitement, but they don’t have the stats that he does!

      – His politeness never fails. He is humble with it too!

      – Many people thought he wouldn’t come back to the game. Even if his neck recovered, why would he need to? He has all the money he could need, he has won the Superbowl and is a legend in the game, having only played for one team. The reason he came back to another team after his previous team had dumped him was down to one reason – passion for what he does, something else to look at and enjoy watching!
      cheers, Gordon